February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

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When/Then Game

February 4, 2019


Do you ever go into a room and see everybody and think, “That person has perfect hair, that person has perfect kids, and this person is the size I want to be”?  In defense to your own ego, you try to look for people who also have weaknesses that are your strengths so you feel better about yourself. Like, at least I ironed my clothes this morning not like that person, or I put on my makeup better than that person.  It is an evil truth but most of us do it when we are insecure about something.


We play the comparison game in our head, then we play the WHEN/ THEN game.  When I get the job of my dreams, then I will have money for this.  When I lose x amount of weight,  then I will be happy.  


When I get my hair to the way it was, then I will be happy.  When I get my children grown, then…  We have to stop playing the WHEN/THEN game with ourselves and start playing the  loving and living NOW game!


I can't tell you how many people waste energy on excuses--the WHEN part of our ego game. I want to talk about the 3 WHEN/ THEN games I hear every day that we can control today.  No more excuses, no more energy wasted postponing it, just energy fixing it.


Weight is the one when/ then game I hear the most.  When I lose 20 pounds then I will buy new clothes. When I get back to where I was before I got, married, pregnant, ex., then I will start taking care of me.  I am sure you have either heard these sayings or are currently saying  


them. When is never NOW. Right now you need to look good and feel good about yourself. IF you are postponing clothes that fit because you don't like your size, you don't have to spend much money but buy clothes that fit and make you look good so you have confidence to get back to your desired size.  PS , you will never be what you were in high school or college. Your body is going to continue to grow change and drop. It is life and should be celebrated. BE happy now. If there is a problem, do something NOW to fix it.


When I have a better wardrobe, then I will earn others’ respect.    When I make money, then I can have the  look I want. If you don't like your appearance, start working on it NOW. We have local thrift shops with tons of clothes that can make you look beautiful and put together.   And don’t forget all the local stores with sales and specials. Pick an amount to spend and a desired piece to your wardrobe. Find it and buy it. It will give you confidence now.  Do not judge an outfit by the tag. Your size is a digit, not a definition!


Lastly, when my hair is long, healthy, curly, straight, then I will be happy.  Make yourself feel beautiful everyday.   Take the time, wake up early, spend more time learning how to make yourself  feel and look great NOW.

Do not waste your energy on excuses. Spend your energy changing your situation. Stop comparing yourself to others.  See the world as it really is--a bunch of people trying. Remember true beauty starts with a smile.




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