February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

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Makeup Contouring

February 18, 2019



I love that I can give my face symmetry with contouring makeup.  It's  less painful and expensive than plastic surgery and can make my appearance a lot more appealing.  As a society we find comfort in symmetry.  Some of the most symmetrical people are also considered our most beautiful.  We make these symmetrical people into models and celebrities just for being born symmetrical.


Yeah, we don't have to be born perfect.  We can just do a few tricks to make us look better.  I refuse to spend longer than one hour getting ready every day.  That includes my shower, hair, clothes, and makeup. When you are learning the art of face makeup, it takes more time.  But after over 20 years of practice, it gets easier. 


Before I continue with how to contour, let me be clear.  Be YOUR best version. Do not expect to look like someone else.  You will never be anybody but you.  You can be as amazing as you choose.  I choose to give my face balance with face makeup.  It is my best version of me.  If you are trying but struggling, go to a professional.  They are trained to see your best and worst.  They can help you find your best version.


Secret to your best you: your best version of you  looks different or even weird at first.  You've never done your makeup like this, or you weren't framing your eyes properly. 


Here is the best test to see if your new look looks good.  You wear the makeup artist version  all day long.  Do not change or adapt it.  Every compliment you get is one day of change. So if you get one compliment the day of the makeup change, then tomorrow you have to repeat your new look.  If on the second day you receive 10 compliments, you add 10 days to your new look.  Before you know it, this is who you are.  If you  just look weird and people avoid the subject, then it probably really isn't the best version of you.


When contouring your face, highlights lift and lowlights minimize.  Green fixes red dots while yellow fixes purple bags or scars.   There is your basics. You are trying to create an oval face with the focus on your eyes and smile.  Cheek bones and eyebrows frame your eyes .  Chin and cheeks frame your smile.


Look at your face honestly and create balance. Make sure you match your skin tone.  There's nothing worse than doing all this, and it looking like you caked makeup to your face.   We are making the best version of yourself, not clowns!


Practice, it takes time!  Make sure you blend and talk nicely to yourself.  If you aren't looking or feeling like your best version, you won't be.  Creating balance through symmetry is what you are trying to do. You can go do it!  You will be amazed at how much more confident you  will become.



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