About Tami

Tami has been passionate about people, service, and beauty her whole life. She was drawn to hairstyling at an early age. As a little girl in California, she would do her sister’s chores so she could play with her hair. After graduating from high school, Tami dutifully went off to college. She soon realized that beauty school was the right school for her.


Tami has spent the last twenty years studying beauty problems and different solutions. She has continued to take classes and trainings offered by the industry leaders and brands. She has owned a salon since 2009. She has been a platform artist, appeared on local TV with beauty tips, had a once-a-week radio beauty segment, and had a “Tami’s Tips” in the local newspaper.


In the years Tami has worked with her clients and friends, she came to realize that people needed to learn the truth of beauty.  The truth that everyone is beautiful! We are not an industry standard or a photoshopped picture. beUtofullness is about self-discovery. You can see how you are made to be so you can become what you are meant to be.


Tami’s life is beUtofull because her roles of wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, friend, and volunteer are the priorities she has honored and treasured her whole life. As much as she loves beauty and the fashion industry, teaching the true principles of beauty is more important because as a mother, friend, and neighbor, she wants those she loves to have a true perspective.